Charlotte Summer Film School

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Hi. Thanks for your interest in Charlotte Film School.

How it started:  I am a (mostly self-taught) documentary filmmaker who has a lot more to learn. I decided to pull together this meetup as a way to put "under one roof" as many Charlotte-area events as I can find in hopes that it is helpful to other filmmakers who also have a lot more to learn . In addition to attending events put on by other groups, we will put on our own events to elevate our technical skills of filmmaking.

I hope you'll join me this summer of 2017 and beyond as we find local experts who are generous enough to share what they've learned with us. If you have something to teach, let me know-we'll work out a time and place for that. If you have something to learn, let me know and we can find local people willing to teach.

Special thanks to Collaboration Films and their many offerings of summer workshops-you'll find the summer schedule peppered with their events. I'm going to be searching out every nook and cranny in the Charlotte area for related events to list here. I hope to build a small, ambitious community of like-minded folks. If this is resonating with you, reach out and let's talk. I won't be going at this alone. Some ideas for future events include:

-The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (screenings and honest critiques of locally made films)

-Talks by folks affiliated with local film festivals to see how we might get involved as volunteers, etc.

-Networking events

Who is this for? Our events are for people who want to learn more about the art and craft of film making. Meet and learn from experts. Get your hands on some equipment and find out how it works. Take notes, listen up and we're all going to learn in a fun, interactive, supportive environment.  Are you ready? Let's do this.

Sponsored by:

Our first partner is Collaboration Films
Collaboration Films is a group of community organizers who are working to grow Charlotte’s reputation as a cultural center on the world stage. As film is the artform of our time we look for ways film can help us internationally and here locally by generating a creative economy.

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