CFC Workshops

Group Description

CFC Workshops are made possible by a donation of time and resources from Charlotte Film Community.Many thanks to our generous sponsors!!

Who shouldcome to a workshop?

For scriptwriters, CFC Workshops provide an opportunity to observe any issues in your script. In addition, member critiques will provide both the general perspective of an audience as well as the informed perspective of other writers and industry professionals. While attendees should be prepared to provide constructive feedback, writers must be prepared to receive it graciously.

Actors can also benefit from these workshops as practice for cold readings as well as to possibly get a foot in the door for an upcoming production. Think of these workshops as informal auditions.Directors and producers are also welcome to come share their perspectives on what a good producable script should look like. And you never know what great new writer, script, or connectionmight come out of these meetings.

How do I get on the workshop schedule?

Writers who'd like to have a script read must have attended at least one workshop within three months prior to his/her workshop date. Each scheduled writer will be given 30 minutes to workshopany scriptwithin that timeframe (a short script, the first act of a feature, a troublesome scene). If you have a script you'd like to get on the schedule, please emailthe following: (1) the working title and logline, (2) character breakdowns for major characters, and(3) estimated content rating (G, PG, R). Actors are NOT asked to prepare beforehand -- cold reads only!

Please note -- Youare responsible for bringing copies of your script for yourself and each of your actors to your scheduled workshop date.

When and where do you meet?

Please become a member to view details and to RSVP for the workshops.

As we continue to grow, we'll look at offering two workshops per month as well as opportunities for full-feature readings and staged readings. But these future offerings will depend on how much leadership we have. If you're interested in helping with leadership, please email the organizers.

Hope to see you soon!